4 Months program for EXTRAORDINARY Organizations

Taking steps toward developing yourself is good, Shifting completely to new way of thinking is what TOP PERFORMERS DO.

Have you experienced some of the below

1. I’m explaining a new idea or process to my team, some of them catch it before I finish, while others didn’t gobe anything.

2. You feel that something is stopping you to progress, but you can’t figure out what it is.

3. One or more of your employees is keep on doing a certain not acceptable behaviour, despite your several remarks, notification or even severe actions.

4. Same employee, is taking sometimes double or triple time to execute a task that he recently finished it fast, but you can’t find an answer why.

5. Despite their great qualification, experience and previous numbers, some of your executives, struggle to get a YES from certain easy clients.

6. You want to change some habits in your work, you take great steps, you start executing them, but you go back to the same habit in a while.

7. Some of your team members or employees, keep on coming back to ask you for details, and advice, despite the fact you previously explained them well.

8. You want to eliminate one or more employees, but you keep not taking action, saying: Maybe they will improve next month” or “What if they join a competitor and take jobs from us”

I’ve been experiencing the same me too,
I’ve been in the execution team, I’ve been in management team and in the shareholders group, and I know how it feels like.


Communication is the way information is flowing between, people, departments, companies making the quality of our results a direct proportion of the quality of our communication.
How effective is your communication and how successful others are, when passing an information to you?
Here are the kind of challenges I hear on a regular basis from corporate executives and team leaders:

The CEO of a multi-million dollar business, one of the world leaders in his field once told me :

“I can’t understand how some details are already available in one department, while other team, is investing time and efforts to get it from outside.”

A projects director in a multinational company shared with me:

“I spend some times, days of study and research for a certain topic, then I figure out that what I need is with my college in the next office.”

A top Executive with a multi-million dollar MEP company, expressed once to me :

“to my surprise, one of my top managers, sometimes tells me, “I’ve shared that with you already” or “I’ve communicated this to you” while I’m sure that he did, I can’t recollect that.”

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Scheduled for each year





I know the different level of listening, but i can't stop thinking on whats to say next, without paying real attention to what others say



Scarcity in making decisions

I want to make changes but I’m scared of failure of my actions.​​



How to get the best.

I’m very confident my team is gifted and well trained to achieve certain tasks and goal, but they can’t and I can’t figure out why?



It’s difficult to get a “YES”

I’ve all the needed to get a “YES” but still having rejections.



I can’t change some bad routine

I’m identifying bad routines, affecting the work progress of the team, I’m taking actions to eliminate them but still going back to them after a while.


4TM is transformational program for picked executives, managers and leaders who’s raged to ignite the transformation in their organizations form average or good to great and Excellent.

Together we’ll start thinking differently, seeing things differently, toward achieving a shift to greatness

I do believe and totally agree with Jim Collins, that starting by selecting and hiring the right leader is what to be done first, and only then goals, and plans can be finalized. It’s not always obvious but this is what it needs to make difference. Start with the Leader FIRST, develop the leader and then look for the other details.

I’ve been coaching and working with super successful executives and team leaders to use this process, it’s been always challenging in the beginning, but it works.


- You’re a Leader who wants to get the best of his team and helping them reaching their top performance

- You have a powerful vision, with big dreams, and lots of creativity that will make difference if you put it in practice

- You’re in daily contact with important people and being a powerful influencer will add lots of value to you.

- You want to achieve more professionally while enjoying a healthy personal life.

- You want to stretch you mind toward new way of thinking

- You’re eager to grow your team and help them having a growth mindset.

- You’re someone who wants to understand people more to connect better with them.

- You’re happy with your team, but you want to improve or change some habits that affecting the work.


- If you are not committed to take your team and organization to another level of growth and achievement, 4TM is NOT the right program for you

- If you are not committed to investing in the professional development and your personal growth of yourself and your team , 4TM is NOT the right program for you

- If you are not committed to creating at least a 10X return on your investment of time, money, energy and relationships, 4TM is NOT the right program for you

- And if you're not willing to stretch your thinking and challenge your mind and those around you, 4TM is NOT the right program for you.

Extremely Limited Number of Events

Scheduled for each year


4 Months program for EXTRAORDINARY Organizations

Pre- 4TM: Growth Impact report

Before the event, each participant will receive a unique code and a weblink to fill an assessment report.
This report provides tremendous insight into the ways that you impact the world!
You will be able to see a multi-dimensional view of yourself through the keys areas of influence, communication style, your team role
preference, and your ideals at work.
Once you complete your report, your results will be immediately available to download and will also be sent to your email address.
We will then follow up with the participants during the event so that they can make the most of this new information.

Post- 4TM: Coaching Video Call

About a month after the event, we’ll will host a 121 Coaching Zoom call to help the different participants integrate their learnings and insights from the Intensive.

2 Days Intensive

Great Executives and Managers are leaders, leaders in their personnel lives, leaders in creating an exponential growth in their organizations, the kind of leaders their teams want to follow and clients wants to follow.

We’ve spent years working on managers and executive development, coaching top leaders, studying behavioural effect and importance of behaviour , mentored by the top leadership expert in the world, the top coaches in the world to come out with this over 20 hours intensive program, simply transformational.

During the 2 days, participant, will go and grow through the mastery of 4 main techniques, that will transform his personal life, the team he’s managing and the company he’s in.

We’ll ask Provocative questions,
we’ll work on Impossible ideas,
We’ll Challenge your thinking, and the way you look at things!
We’ll shake the minds and Unleash hidden potentials
You’ll finish the program as a new person




You’ll have the biggest amount of support you’ve ever experienced, after a workshop, with a learning follow up and personalized coaching

You’ll have the opportunity to attend any of the public events organized by Humana Canada in your area



You’ll have opportunities to develop, practice and share the different studied techniques with both your peers in 4TM as well as your
wider community.

Members can apply to join our team when presenting the same program in other branches (Of the same organization)



As most of the innovative great ideas come in nature, on the beach, or the top of a mountain.
We’ll create a time and space for quality thinking, reflection.

We’ll speed and slow down to create the most amazing experience.



You’ll contribute to something bigger than yourself, impact the life of your colleagues, team members, and the whole organization as well as those outside.

By teaching these transformational techniques you’ve learned, EACH ONE TEACH ONE and spread the learning you’ll add value and
make difference.



After completing the whole program, you’ll enjoy a pure transformation that will take place over time.
When you have goals that look impossible, you’ll be amazed at how quickly they become possible when applying the 4 techniques
studied. A complete mastery of the learning will take you and your organization to another level of communication, connection, thinking andresults.


What will be your return on investment from 4TM Program?

If it’s not 10X your investment in time, money and efforts, then you are not fully beneficiary of the program, it’s as simple as that.
- Trained people on Persuasions techniques, human behaviour decoding, thinking process, and coaching have raised millions of dollars
for their organizations and took their companies to another level of success and results

4TM is by application only

4TM is made to be a transformational program, challenging your thinking and making a radical change in the way the company team is looking at things which will lead to a big change in the overall outcome.

Most probably, you don’t NEED this program, and you’re happy with your existing results. 4TM is for organizations who WANTS to go further in their achievement and do the shift from good to great.

This is why we’re selective in our program, to work only with organizations who wants to achieve another level of success.

If our program inspires you and you WANT to, I invite you to apply for the program. 4TM is scheduled with limited events per year and there are currently only few spots remaining.

The first step in this journey is to complete your application. We’ll review your application and reach out to you to schedule an interview.
I look forward to speaking to you

4TM by :

Humana Canada learning and development runs transformation and development programs for individual and world class organization, based in Ottawa, Canada with partners around the globe.

We are a group of highly qualified Business Strategists and Education & Leadership Professionals.

For many years, we’ve been digging deep, reading, studying, researching to understand how super achievers think, and behave. And what’s stopping others to do so.

Executive directors with the John Maxwell Team, and Members of the Swiss Leaders Group we are currently working ofor Schools transformation program and a Revolutionary Coaching approach.

Our Mission is to make a leadership transformation in 500 Companies and 1000 Schools.


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